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Registering traffic
in from of the premises

People counting

The number of customers is the most important factor in sales volume. With the data available on the Synati platform, you will determine the conversion rate and achieve better sales results. You will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of promotions and verify the attractiveness of the particular store location. The results will allow you to better adjust the working hours and reduce the workload. Please contact us for more information!

  • We record and count people entering and leaving the building
  • We generate user-friendly reports
  • We help with calculating the conversion rate

Heat maps

Are you wondering which products attract most of the customers attention? With our thermal imaging sensor, you will know the shopping habits of your customers and the most frequented alleys. You will also be able to study the behaviour of a single customer at the proverbial "shelf" and find out what attracts his attention. Designation of "hot" and "cold" areas of the premises will allow for proper stocking and arrangement of assortment. You will also verify the effectiveness of promotions and see where and when it is best to place your advertising materials.

  • We record and analyse the most frequented zones
  • We help you identify customers’ path to purchase
  • Our solutions do not register customers' faces

Queue analysis

A long wait in a queue is easily the most discouraging situation for any customer. From now on, you can prevent this. With our solution, you will know when, where and how queues are formed, and you will also be able to check how both the customer and the customer service responses to this kind of situation. This will make it easier for your staff to unload peak traffic and for you to adjust the number of employees needed at a specific location at a given time.

  • We record the length of stay in the queue and the moment of leaving it
  • We prevent queues from being formed by improving staff performance
  • You will know how many customers you lose because of queues

Registering traffic in from of the premises

So far most of the pro-sale activities was focused on the inside of a store. However, we think, you should also consider the surroundings. With our solutions you will see how many people pass your store and you will find out just how attractive and strong your storefront really is. You will find out the exact paths of your customers and compare it with the general traffic in front of the premises. Find how attractive the location is before renting the place!

  • We verify the attractiveness of the location depending on the number of people passing the premises
  • We present directions leading to the premises
  • We will calculate the conversion rate of people entering to people passing the premises

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